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How-To: Delete a VM via a PowerCLI Scheduled Task

This is a PowerCLI script that you can use to delete a VM which can be put into a Windows scheduled task job to be ran at a specified time and date. Below is the code snippet for the script:

Add-PSSnapin VMware*

$VISRV = “vc.lab.local”

$dieVM = “VM-001”

Connect-VIServer $VISRV

$VMToDelete = Get-VM $dieVM

If  ($VMToDelete.PowerState –eq “PoweredOn”) {

Shutdown-VMGuest –VM $dieVM


Remove-VM $dieVM –DeletePermanently –confirm:$false –RunAsync

To set a scheduled task by PowerCLI in Windows you can follow the well-known Alan Renouf’s walkthrough called Running a PowerCLI Scheduled Task

How-To: Create a VMkernel Adapter on a vSphere Standard Switch

Create a VMK adapter on VSS in the vSphere Web Client

This is a walk-through of how to setup a VMkernel port adapter on a vSphere Standard Switch using the web client.


  1. Once you’re logged into the web client then navigate to the host to where you would like to setup the vmk adapter:

  1. Choose Manage, select Networking and then select VMkernel adapters.

3. Click on Add host networking.

  1. On the Select Connection type page, select VMkernel Network Adapter and click Next

  1. On the Select target device page, select either an existing standard switch or a New vSphere standard switch. In this example I’m choosing an existing VSS called vSwitch0.

  1. On the Port properties page, configure the following settings:

Network label (name of vmk adapter): (for example: Management traffic)

VLAN ID: (for example: 666)

TCP/IP stack: (for example: Default)

Enable services: Management traffic

  1. On the IPv4 settings page, select an option for obtaining an IP address. For this example, I’ve chosen to use a static IP address of 168.199.5 and Subnet mask of


  1. On the Ready to complete page then review your setting selections and click on Finish