About Me

meFor the last 15 years I’ve worked as IT Specialist for the U.S. Federal government. I decided to begin this blog as a place to write down some thoughts on different technical challenges. As an IT Specialist I’ve had the opportunity to have my hands in various aspects of the IT field. I’ve done tier 1 help desk, programmer, database administration, project manager, sys admin and digital forensics.

I served in the Marine Corps prior to joining the civilian federal sector where I was also involved in IT along with other duties as assigned. Once I came upon virtualization world, then I was hooked. I know I still have a lot to learn in this industry therefore I’m constantly learning new things.

I enjoy spending time with the family, even though sometimes its limited due to all the other commitments that life brings. I also dabble in drawing, but I’m really not that good anymore due to lack of practice. I like running as it allows me to lose myself in thought when I’m out there hitting the pavement.

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