VCDX No Troubleshooting Scenario

I just read the update from the VCDX program that they’re removing the troubleshooting scenario from all defenses. While I was looking forward to trying to do some on the spot troubleshooting, I’m glad that there is more time now dedicated to the design scenario.

I’m planning on targeting 2016 to give the VCDX-DCV certification a try and not having to work through an already stressful situation by working through a troubleshooting problem is going to alleviate some of that stress. Granted the troubleshooting scenario is only 15 minutes in length, now that time is added to the design scenario problem posed by the panelists.


So the breakdown now will be for all tracks:

  • Orally defend the submitted design (75 minutes)
  • Work through a design problem posed by the panelists, in the format of an oral discussion (45 minutes instead of the previous 30 mins)

Not that this makes the certification easier to achieve by any means. I’m glad that the VCDX program has made this information available well ahead of the 2016 dates so that those that are preparing now can adjust their studying strategies.

I’m looking forward to the challenging and learning experience that will come.


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